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AS English Language Quest

Are you yearning to unravel the complexities of the English language but find yourself lost in a maze of grammar rules and literary devices? Do you dream of effortlessly interpreting texts, wielding words with power and precision, and standing out in the academic world? Look no further—your quest for mastery begins with "The Curious Cambridge AS English Student."

Unlock the full potential of your linguistic prowess with a course that goes beyond traditional learning. Dive into the hive of language analysis, where every lesson buzzes with the potential to transform your skills. Feel the thrill of connecting with texts on a deeper level as you pollinate your mind with rich, diverse genres.

Don't let the fear of underperforming in your AS/A2 exams cloud your ambitions. Our course is meticulously designed to guide you through the pollen path of success with modules that mirror the rigour and depth of actual examinations. With "The Curious Cambridge AS English Student," you'll not only prepare to ace your tests but also cultivate a lifelong passion for the English language.

Imagine the doors that will open when you can confidently navigate the intricacies of English studies. From securing your place at a prestigious university to engaging in intellectual discussions with ease, the power of eloquence can be yours. This course isn't just about grades; it's about building a foundation for your future, where language is the key to unlocking endless possibilities.

Don't let hesitation hold you back. Embrace the opportunity to be more than just another student—become a connoisseur of English, a beacon of insight in your academic community. With options for weekly one-on-one sessions, you'll receive personalised guidance tailored to your unique learning style.

Take the first step towards achieving your dreams and overcoming your academic challenges. Sign up for "The Curious Cambridge AS English Student" today and watch as the world of English unfolds before you, rich with opportunity and ripe for success. Your story of triumph is just waiting to be written. Are you ready to be the author?

17 Sections + Community

The Curious English Student

The Linguistic Honeycomb

This will go back into the paid course on 30 May 2024 and you will no longer have access.

Start here!

The age old question - where do I start?  If we are going to work together, I need to get to know you a bit, so this is a great place to start with that.

The Reflecting Pool

Reflect on your writing and learn how to effectively critique and improve your own and others' work.

AS English Exam Walkthrough

Continue your linguistic journey through our July series of AS English livestreams, full of enriching discussions and expert guidance.

COPY: COPY: Buzzing with Analytical Skills in Speech Analysis

Buzz buzz buzz! 

Welcome to one of my favourite teaser modules.  This module is available to anyone, feel free to create an account and comment and interact as much as you want, and send the link to whomsoever you desire! (you can even contact me if you would like an affiliate link—if you want to be extra like that).  This is a space for getting to know where you are at and evaluating your strengths and struggles.  After this module, I believe that you will have an understanding of what you can expect from yourself and your current capacity.  Remember that your current capacity does not put a ceiling above you, it gives you an understanding of your starting point.  

So come, jump in!

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