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Greetings, intrepid bumblebee! I'm Marinus, and I warmly welcome you to a space where your thirst for knowledge and innate curiosity are the keys to unlocking a world of academic and emotional growth. Here, we go beyond the textbooks to spark a sense of wonder and exploration in every lesson.

With a focus on curiosity-driven education, we tailor our approach to inspire, challenge, and empower you. Every step of this journey is designed to stoke the flames of your inquisitiveness, leading to profound understanding and lasting knowledge.

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Threndol Subscriber Hive

Learn ways to approach education, parenting and learning; and create a life of curiosity for you and your family so that all you interact with will become a lifelong learner like you. This is the perfect jump into the nitty gritty details of the British International Curriculum for English, Maths and Physics, so that you can approach decisions about your/ your child's education confidently.


Past exam walkthroughs + text analysis worksheets + writer's effect worksheets.

AS English Language Quest

A living, breathing hive of knowledge and passion where we explore AS English language together to become better versions of ourselves.  

IGCSE English Language Quest

Embark on a journey with "The Curious GCSE English Language Student," a subscription course designed for excellence in GCSE English. Engage in live lessons, access on-demand materials, and join a community passionate about language and literature. With modules like The Hive of Understanding and The Forest of Imagination, enhance comprehension, writing, and analysis skills. Prepare for exams with The Garden of Practice and transition to AS Level with The Propagation of Knowledge. Flexible scheduling allows for personalized learning.

Click "Learn More" to ignite your English mastery and set the stage for your future.

Ad-Hoc Exam Marking

Feedback is key to growth.  Here you may upload your exams for marking (the payment page is within)

IGCSE Maths Quest Membership

IGCSE Maths Quest Membership

Learn how to approach maths exploratively and curiously and achieve the results you want for exams, without needing to obsess over exams. This is the perfect jump into IGCSE Maths (with a twist), so that you can actually just get it (because learning exam question types so that you know how to do it is not a vibe).


Exam walkthroughs where I walk step by step through content with my students and all the things you need started to get the most of your access to all my IGCSE Maths courses

Language Lab: Buzzing with Analytical Skills in Speech Analysis (Early Access)

This is early access, that means that some modules are not yet released.


Learn ways to approach speeches in text analysis and achieve a deeper understanding of how to analyse any speech, whilst gaining a deeper understanding on how to extract the nectar from any text. This is the perfect jump into text analysis, so that you can become excited about text analysis and share your passion.


The text analysis checklist,  and CLIGPO and GASP infographics

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