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I have seen a massive need amongst students and parents alike to come somewhere for getting trustworthy information and be able to get resources all in one place.  Over the years I have created a bunch of resources that have gone underutilised because they end up in someone's inbox and then fall into oblivion.  We often want a resource but do not need it right  now, so this is a  hub of content,  strategy, parenting philosophy; and a  place to become curious enough to truly  inspire those around us.

Imagine for a moment if we could have a starting place in our search for a path for learning.  AI is a great tool, but sometimes it helps to have that connection with a person behind the resource so that we can interact around what works and what absolutely does not work ever.  I  want to lighten the burden on parents and students alike so that we can work together to repair the damage that school and this world has done to our ability to learn and be curious.  Many of my students come to me after having had a tough time at school and proudly proclaim that now they have much less learning to do. 

Maybe that seems normal, it probably is.  I think that if they are learning less while homeschooling,   it is either because they are not aware of the fact that they learn through their curious explorations or it could be because they have not got an  environment (including adults in their life) that is sufficiently inspiring them to learn.  This is a space where you will be inspired to learn and you will inspire others to learn - because learning is not necessarily academic in nature,   but it can still be academically  applied.

When you join the subscriber hive, you get access to a hive of knowledge, perspectives,  worksheets and videos, but you also get access to our growing community of parents, teachers and students who are always up for questions - I am but one person, but you, and over 300 other people here also have valuable contributions to make, the trick is that you need to believe it.

The components of this free product include:

  • Access to my philosophical musings around how parents perspectives on learning impact their children's educational success
  • Access to my exclusive mailing list for lifelong learners
  • Access to an exam walkthrough for IGCSE English Language and AS English Language
  • Access to some of my favourite worksheets and resources.
  • Access to Text analysis and writing resources for success in English
  • Access to a honeypot of strategies for approaching physics and maths with curiosity at the centre.

Additionally, and this is only available here: 

You get 50% off on my latest IGCSE or AS English Language walkthrough which  is currently on pre-sale and should go live in June 2024 and will  go down on 1 December 2024

Those who have previously  joined have said

"Thank you so much for giving away so much of your hard work - for FREE!"

"Thank you for giving me access, it took me some time to go look at it, but I wish I had explored earlier"

"There is so much that I don't know where to start"

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Always learning with you,

Marinus Bossert

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This is the best place to start if you want this to be truly useful to you.  This really is the entrance to the hive.

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