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Linguistic Analysis worksheet

Hi ,

This is my most exciting section to teach because it awakened my own curiosity! As you've probably gathered by now, curiosity is the foundation of everything I do. Without curiosity, effective learning cannot happen. We must harness the passion from within to drive our actions.

Why is it such a big deal for me? Well, curiosity signifies respect for ourselves, as we allow ourselves to find things interesting without judging their immediate usefulness. This is quite the opposite of what I'd say about movie analysis; however, we don't learn just for utility - we learn because we are curious, just as many great individuals throughout history have done.

What aspects of text analysis do you care about? Which abilities are you curious to develop? Your curiosity can be the means to explore and expand your skills!

So, what do you need to do?

1. Complete the worksheet.
2. Submit your answers.
3. After you have submitted your answers, I will provide you with some feedback.
4. Then, I will send you a coupon code so you can access my Text Analysis workshop for free.

Looking forward to your responses!





If you submit your answers below, I will take a look and give some feedback!


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