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The Drone Bee Experience

The Drone Bee Experience

The Drone Bee experience is designed for students who have parents who are involved in every step of the process. It provides you with the resources you need, curiosity questions and gives access to the full course, but all support from me is on an ad-hoc basis and will need to be added like extra components to a hive.

This puts you in the driver's seat where you can manage the costs, the amount of support and the amount of feedback you receive. In addition to this, you can purchase ad-hoc one to one lessons and you can purchase ad-hoc exam marking with feedback sessions.

This is the lowest level of support that I offer as the baseline, but it is modular, like any hive and you can add on whatever you need. You will not get access to the live classes, but you still get the recordings and can purchase week or day passes separately as well.

Is the Drone Bee Experience right for you?

  • Consistent Course Access: Gain entry to a suite of educational materials that supplement your learning. - Initial one-to-one: Kick off with an orientation session to strategise your learning path - Strategy sessions: A strategy session every 3 months to make sure you are on track and help you get back on the horse if you fell off. - First Dibs on Extras: Get priority booking for additional services like marking and one-to-one sessions (additional fees apply)

The deets on the offering

This offer is in its own range, both in what is offered and the price of the offer. You will get:

  • Full Course Access: A suite of educational materials such as video lessons, lesson recordings, and infographics, all with periodic check-in points. 2. Orientation session: You will get a one-to-one orientation session when you sign up so that we can make sure that you get your strategy set up 3. Additional Strategy session: Every 3 months, I will invite you to a strategy session where we will evaluate your progress and look at how to keep going.

Your journey of self discovery awaits

You will be surprised at what you are capable of. Yes, it will take hard work and you will be pushed to your very limits, but it will all be worth it as you become a more curious student who makes decisions for your growth.

Expectations all round This is a commitment to a year of preparation, and two years for those tackling A level Exams. It's a journey that values depth and diligence, both in studies and life.

You should note that the cost is not just financial; it requires time, effort, focus, and passion. This program encourages critical thinking and questioning, aiming to shape how students view the world daily. You will be working for 6-8 hours per week on a subject, not with busy work, but with deep research, exploration, practice and application. I do not major on exam success as the goal, but exam success comes naturally when you are diligently learning and being guided on your learning journey.

I'm ready to buy

I have some questions

Questions and Curiosities?

  • Where? Classes are on Discord - where i have a community hub for all students
  • Assignments? Uploaded on my website for easy access
  • Communication: We use WhatsApp, email and discord to make sure that communication lines stay open. When you sign up, you will be added to the WhatsApp group

For any inquiries or further information, please reach out. We're here to provide clarity and support for your educational decisions.


Monthly Subscription: R385pm per subject

The price for membership is R 385.00 per Month.

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