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Session 3 - Building the Honeycomb: Structuring Coherent Analysis (Release: 2024/07/12)

Session 4: Pollinating Insights: Selecting Key Elements for Analysis (Release: 2024/07/19)

Session 5: Blossoming Rhetoric: Recognizing Stylistic Choices and Precise Language (Release: 2024/07/26)

Bonus Module: Essential Speeches to Analyse Before Sitting for Your AS English Language Exam

Language Lab: Buzzing with Analytical Skills in Speech Analysis (Early Access)

Language Lab: Buzzing with Analytical Skills in Speech Analysis (Early Access)

Welcome to the Language Lab, where your analytical skills will thrive and grow through the exploration of speech analysis. This course is designed for students who want to enhance their text analysis abilities and communicate their insights effectively.

Why Enroll in This Course?

  • Understand your analytical skills: Assess and improve your ability to analyze texts.
  • Learn to communicate analytically: Apply your skills to any text, using speeches as a case study.
  • Comprehensive content: Each module includes teaching, practical exercises, and assignments.
  • Flexible learning: Complete modules at your own pace, with each taking about 3-5 hours.

Course Structure

The course consists of five engaging modules:

Session 1: Understanding the Hive – Context and Audience

  • Learn the importance of context and audience in speech analysis.

Session 2: Nectar of Persuasion – Characteristic Features of Speeches

  • Discover the key features that make speeches persuasive and memorable.

Session 3: Building the Honeycomb – Structuring Coherent Analysis

  • Master the art of structuring your analysis coherently and effectively.

Session 4: Pollinating Insights – Selecting Key Elements for Analysis

  • Identify and focus on the most crucial elements in your speech analysis.

Session 5: Blossoming Rhetoric – Recognising Stylistic Choices and Precise Language

  • Recognize and interpret stylistic choices and precise language used in speeches.

What You Will Get

  • Practice essays: Hone your writing skills with guided practice essays.
  • Videos and readings: Engage with multimedia content to deepen your understanding.
  • Speech analyses: Explore and analyze famous speeches for a richer learning experience.
  • Assignments: Apply what you’ve learned in practical, hands-on assignments.

Enrollment Information

This course is available to everyone, with no membership required. To celebrate its launch, we are offering an early access discount of 30% off the regular price.

Sign up now using the coupon code "EARLYACCESS" at the following link: Enroll Now.

Bonus Offer

For those looking to further enhance their skills, gain access to our upcoming language lab on the text analysis checklist as a bundle using the same coupon code.

Connect the Dots in Text Analysis

Text analysis can be overwhelming, with textbooks often presenting fragmented processes. This course aims to connect all the dots for you, providing a holistic understanding of text analysis.

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